trumpetandtrombone asked: See, the thing about kittens, I mean really brand new kittens, is that they are exceedingly tiny. Like, maybe the size of two of Wrench's fingers. It's a wonder he spotted the little thing at all, hidden in one of his flower beds. He scoops the little guy up and takes him inside, making a little nest of soft towels in the first thing he finds, which is a clean mixing bowl. He shows the little guy to Numbers when he gets back and the eye roll he receives would win an award.

Wrench eye dropper feeds the cat warm milk every two hours for a month. If he has to, he takes the kitten with him so he can continue to feed it and care for it until it’s healthy and old enough to be on its own. Wrench cooes at the damn thing. Numbers finds this appalling. But only because he wants that kind of attention from Wrench. One night, one of Wrench’s vibrate alarms goes off but it doesn’t wake him up. When he does wake up, eventually, he panics and worries the cat could get sick or die. But he finds a grumpy, bed headed Numbers sitting in the kitchen, carefully feeding the kitten like he’s seem Wrench do it. He tells Wrench: “I’ve named him Stupid Dumb Asshole, after you. ….. Or Mr. Wiggles, for short.”


I wish you could see my face right now, this is so cute.

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